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LOL Otapon!

excellent animation dude, its like a real trailer , CRAB BATTLE! lol epic , we need more of these


good animation and funny stuff just like you always do i hope we see more of your animations soon, oh and by the way there is something funny in your voice dude, or in the way you talk, i dont know but it make me laugh.

wow smooth animation

this is really cool and smooth , you deserve more than a ten but oh well good job.

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This game is so addictive and filled with stuff. I like how it starts with nothing going on and then once you start unlocking stuff the game just goes nuts with content, which I find great.

Now, I've read about people's mouse cursor disappearing, and this has happened to me when the ads pop up, but I keep solving it by right-clicking, that makes the mouse cursor appear again. Maybe it doesn't work for some other people, but it does for me, so I'm really not affected. Cheers!

Also, the laptop I'm using is not really the best... or good, but I have not found any harsh lag, and that's a plus I had to throw out there.

I have to praise the creator, musicians and everyone who worked on this game for putting together such amazing experience. The story, the characters, the music... Everything is great. As soon as I started I thought it was going to be fun, but my expectations were surpassed.

The amount of secrets and optional quests is very pleasing. Not holding the player's hand in the game is appreciated as well. You only need to actually play, think and investigate to move forward, which ends up with the player caring more for the characters and story. That's good. The Metroidvania style is something I'm very fond of, too.

Difficulty was right, punishing at times, but not a problem if you don't rush through it. I believe this game follows a few "gaming rules" to teach the player something or give them time to learn it themselves before cranking up the difficulty.

Very few games make me feel sort of... sad? When I finish them because they are just so good in every way and this was one of them. I think last time I felt it was after finishing Uncharted 2. Anyway amazing game.

Long review, but this game really does deserve some praise.

Man this game freaks me the hell out everytime an oponent is going to attack. That charge and voice acting really make me nervous. I mean it's good, really good.

The concept is great and that you actually have to rely on your ears is amazing, scary too, but really cool. I'm still trying, probably will for a while. Definitely more than just a game. There's some trial and error, but defeating an enemy feels like a feat, feels good!

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I agree with the review below, this does sound like something from crash bandicoot, which is a plus because I love crash.

Okay, time for the R4R task.

1-) That part at 3:51 feels really good, I definitely see that as the soundtrack of a water level.
2-) The percs are lively and charming, they definitely help imagine a scenery for this.
3-) This sort of... "hype" fast-up beat I'm not fond of, but here it fits really well.

Not likey:
1-) It is a little repetitive for my taste, but that's my taste.
2-) The chirping birds and environmental sounds are good for the intro and end, but in the middle I don't think they are needed.

This is a good track, great for a platforming game or something similar. Effort went into this. Keep it up, buddy.

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Now THAT'S a review! So glad I posted in the R4R thread!

Yeah, drum n' bass isn't for everybody. Matter of fact my roommate hates it (but somehow loves dubstep)

I definitely tried to upplay the whole water thing, so I'm really to to hear it worked. Mixed with a little electricity of course cause hey, the level looks pretty electric and colorful.

I do agree on the birds after hearing it more and more. Except for that 3:51 spot. However yeah in the intro-bridge yeah maybe could've taken it out for a bit. I'm gonna say that was laziness mixed with anxiety and excitement. Not laziness actually, kow what that was? Just that it was near the final step of creation and I was so excited to just get it out there, I didn't take the time to really edit much of the sound effect. I did edit the volume so it wasn't overpowering.

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it. Good luck out there

Okay time for R4R my buddy friend.

-That melody is just catchy and awesome, groovy stuff is happening
-Stylish intro that makes me picture a bar with a bunch of aliens and cyborgs.
-Variety, it kept me wondering what was coming next, which is great because I dislike repetitive stuff.

Not likey:
The kick and drums seemed a little timid you know, I think you could boost that a little more, specially the kick.

Still, this is a great track and I would recommend it.

Really into this. I don't have much to say, just that I'm happy about what I heard and that I swear this reminds me of something, but I don't know what it is...

Would you kindly check this and give me your opinion, I really don't enjoy having more than a hundred views and not a comment or rating... or asking you this, feels like spam =(


Hey! I'm a musician that loves video game music and hopes to do music for it and even movies at some point, but mostly games really. I'm not at all equipped for this, but I struggle, like most musicians I guest. I speak spanish as well my fellow artists.

25, Male

Saving real music


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